About LHA Travel, LLC

OUR VALUES: As a citizen of the world, LHA Travel endeavors to:

  • Promote travel in a safe and legal manner
  • Empower the individual traveler with knowledge to expand their horizons
  • Be a good citizen of the world


1) Create a digital platform for better, quicker, more reliable visa and
travel information for 220 countries and territories in the world.
2) Demystify a bureaucratic process, making visa-getting simple for
3) Help foster a better travel experience overall.


1) International immigration law experience spanning 7 continents. Publisher of the Visa Adviser Manual: A Guide to Every Country in the World.
2) An intimate understanding of the visa processes and their “pain points,” globally.
3) Proven short-term and long-term visa strategy and solution provider, employing outside-the-box thinking and streamlining, to send travelers to and among all seven continents.


1) Design, own, and operate an easy-to-use digital platform powered by an API containing visa information on 220 countries and territories, going to 220 countries and territories, for 7 different visa categories.
2) Create a network of expertise for product implementation and support.
3) Own and operate a platform for curated, custom, and exclusive travel information and tips.

Where do you want to go? We can help you get there.

Anh Luong
Co-Founder, President