Working remotely visas

After many months of working from home, you’ve likely considered that, in the future, working from home could mean working from anywhere. You might have dreamed of moving someplace closer to your birth-home, closer to the beach, or, perhaps, somewhere with a mountain vista. If you are particularly daring, you might have even dreamt about a mountain vista in Chile, a beach in Thailand, or somewhere even more exotic like the South Atlantic — living like Napoleon in exile, on the windy rocks of Saint Helena. 

Good news, we might be able to get you started on that journey.

Approximately 8.7 million Americans already live abroad according to the Association of American Residents Overseas. Living in over 160 countries worldwide, the primary reason most expats live outside of their home country is work-related. However, many countries allow temporary residence to self-employed individuals or those with specific financial resources.  Alternatively, there are many more countries that allow stays of up to 90 days/year without having to get a special residence permit. 

At LHA Travel, we provide tourist, business, education, work, and residence visa information for every country in the world. This includes a check list of required documents including forms or similar and an outline of the application procedures. Below are somedestinations you may want to consider for remote work. The list is organized by the duration of a visitor’s visa. You’ll likely want to spend a little while in a country before you take the leap to apply for the residence or independent work visas! The visa durations listed below apply to individuals with US citizenship as each country ascribes visit length based on the nature of its bilateral relationship with the country.  Not a US citizen? Subscribe to our webapp, and do a global search based on your nationality!

Up to 90 days:

  • EU/Schengen countries 
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Hong Kong
  • New Zealand
  • Turkey

Four months:

  • Fiji

Up to 180 days:

  • Aruba
  • Armenia
  • Barbados 
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Canada
  • Saint Helena
  • United Kingdom

Up to 280 days:

  • Thailand

Up to a year:

  • Georgia
  • Svalbard, Norway (no limit on duration)

Honorable mentions: During this Covid 19 epidemic, Barbados and Bermuda have specifically created a new category of working abroad visas for up to 1 year for those who would like to work remotely from their countries.  However, we suggest you visit for a few months prior to taking the leap to commit to something long-term because the application process is lengthy and you must also pay a filing fee.  Additionally, always consider the tax implications of being considered a full-time resident in any country abroad, as you might be taxed both in the US and in the host country. 

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