Summer vacation and covid: where can you go?

You, like many, might be wondering where in the world you can go simply for pleasure — or, perhaps, an escape from your living room? Here we have your comprehensive of countries that are open for tourism and do not require a quarantine — as ‘in quarantine’ would be an awful way to spend your vacation.

Even though some countries are opening for tourism, you still need to make covid-specific preparations for your travel. We suggest that you bring a mask, which will likely be required at some point in your journey. Also, you take a Covid real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test before embarking on your vacation. Generally, tests should be completed no more than 72 hours before your arrival in the foreign country. You will also need to complete any relevant travel authorization form for your destination. Travel medical insurance is also a new requirement that has been added to some country’s entry requirements. And finally, normal visa rules apply to the countries on this list; we’ve listed exceptions where applicable. 

Antigua and Barbuda. Tourists must have a negative Covid CPR Test taken within seven days before arrival. Visitors may be required to test on arrival and be isolated pending the results, which takes up to 96 hours. All travelers must register with the Ministry of Wellness online or by phone here: or by calling 1-268-462-2675. Visitors who are not visa-exempt may get their visa online.

Bahamas. Full reopening to international tourism from July 1st. Quarantine not required of tourists. All visitors must complete a Covid PCR test and upload to the Bahamas Health Visa prior to travel: From July 22nd, only flights from Canada and the EU are permitted to carry passengers to the Bahamas. Private yachts and crafts are still permitted entry from anywhere. However, US citizens are prohibited from entering the country as of July 22. 

Bangladesh. International flights resumed from June 16th. Those who arrive must provide a Covid-free certificate issued within 72 hrs of travel. The Embassy in Washington DC is reopened to in-person visa service, as well as mail ins.  However, those who arrive from countries with high rate of infection may be subjected to quarantine on arrival, and such decision will take place at the time of arrival by border control. 

Barbados. Borders reopened to tourists from July 12th, although flights remain limited. Those who arrive must produce a PCR Covid-free PCR test at least 72-hours prior to arrival, or be administered a test on arrival and quarantine during the period it takes to get the results.  They must also complete an online travel form at least 24 hours prior to travel: Visitors form the CARICOM and Caribbean countries are exempt from the pre-testing requirements.

Bermuda. Bermuda will reopen to visitors arriving by air from July 1st. However, travelers must present a Covid-free certificate issued within 72 hrs of departure and have health insurance. All arrivals must complete a travel authorization form:

Dominican Republic – International airport, hotel and restaurant reopening to tourism is from July 1st. Passengers need to complete a health form ( and undergo health checks on arrival. Those who are not visa exempt should contact the Embassy for an appointment. It is open for visa processing. 

Egypt – Commercial flights and airports to reopen to tourists from July 1st. Tourist visas will be waived for visitors to resorts at the Red Sea, Sharm El Sheikh and Matrouh until October, 2020.  Everyone who arrives will need to fill out the Traveler’s declaration form: f.form_declaration/2364/media/travel.egypt://http. Travelers from “severely infected” countries will need to provide a PCR test issued no more than 48 hours prior to travel.

French Polynesia – Borders to reopen to tourism from on July 15th without quarantine. However, the traveler must have a Covid-19 free test issued no more than 72 hours prior to departure and register on  

Haiti – International commercial flights resumed from July 1st.  Common border with the Dominican Republic reopened from July 1st. Arriving passengers must complete a health declaration form and to retain it for 14 days to facilitate contract tracing. It is uncertain if there is a quarantine requirement for arrivals.

Jamaica – The government plans to allow tourism to resume in “resilient corridors” from June 15th. Travelers must also complete the travel authorization prior to arrival here: From July 15th, all non-business travelers from Arizona, Florida, New York, and Texas will be required to have and upload a Covid PCR test to receive travel authorization.  Those who are arrive will be subjected to screening, and if the screen leads to a test, visitors going to the resilient corridor will be required to stay within the corridor for the duration of their stay.

Kosovo – From June 8th, the requirement to quarantine lifted for all visitors. Anyone may enter Kosovo, however, some countries are denying visitors boarding based on the visitor’s lack of citizenship or residency in Kosovo. 

Maldives – Borders reopened to international tourism from July 15th. Screening shall take place on arrival, with suspected cases to be tested and isolated. Visa on arrival resumed. Travelers will need to complete a Health Declaration Form at least 24 hours prior to arrival:

Mexico –Cancun reopened to international tourism from June 8th. There is no requirement to quarantine or to present a Covid test, although there will be temperature checks on arrival. 

North Macedonia – International commercial flights resumed for tourism from July 1st. Those arriving from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Serbia are required to provide a negative PCR Covid test issued no more than 72 hours prior to arrival.

Sao Tome and Principe – Flight to Portuguese language countries to resume sometime between July 1st and 15th.  Commercial international flights expected to resume from July 16th. Passengers may be required to provide a Covid-free PCR test taken within 3 days from boarding.

Senegal – International commercial air travel resumed from July 15th. Visitors must provide a Covid test issued no more than 7 days prior to entry. If the traveler is unable to obtain a test, they must submit a statement that they are symptom-free and has no prior contact with a known Covid case. Those arriving are subjected to screening, and if deemed appropriate, a Covid test at the expense of the traveler. All travelers must complete a Passenger Locator form (


Serbia – Currently its borders are open to visitors. 

South Sudan – International commercial airspace remain open. Passengers must present a Covid-free test issued no more than 3 days prior to the date of entry. In practice the requirements may differ.

St Lucia – International commercial flights resumed from July 15th.  Tourists must have pre-booked Covid-19 certified accommodations to gain entrance. They must present a Covid PCR test taken within 7 days of their travel, and complete this form prior to their travel:  Those from countries or territories with zero or low Covid transmissions, or who have spent the past 14 days in those locations, are exempt from the Covid test requirement. Those with symptoms will be tested and quarantined at their expense.

Tanzania – Restrictions on in-bound and out-bound travel have been lifted, along with the 14-day quarantine. There will be Covid-19 screening on arrival. Suspected cases will be tested and quarantined at their own expense. 

Turkey – International air travel resumed and land borders reopened (except for land border with Iran and Syria). Passengers will be screened on arrival; suspected cases may be tested and quarantined. Tourists do not need special health tests or medical documents for entry. 

Turks And Caicos – Border expected to reopen to tourism from July 22nd. A Covid-free PCR test issued no more than five days prior to the flight is required for travel. All travelers are required to have medical travel insurance and complete a request for Travel Authorization prior to travel: This form should be completed no later than 72 hours prior to travel. 

United States Virgin Islands – Borders reopened to tourism from June 1st. Those traveling from countries with a Covid-positive rate over 10% according to data from Johns Hopkins University must have a Covid PCR test taken within five days of travel, or an anti-body test taken within four months of arrival. Those who arrive without the required tests will be tested and placed in quarantine until the test results return. Those who can produce the tests prior to arrival will not need to self-quarantine, but there will be temperature checks on arrival. 

Honorable mention: Gibraltar – While Gibraltar is reopened to all tourists, only those who can enter Spain can reach Gibraltar by land at the moment. 

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