Which countries are opening or are taking steps to reopen post-coronavirus?

Last Updated: 17 July, 2020

From our research, it seems that the height of country-based travel restrictions are behind us. Instead, many countries are now re-opening to foreign guests.

However, as more countries are opening to travel, many are requesting COVID-free tests 48 hrs -92 hrs prior to arrival.  COVID tests in the U.S. may be taken at CVS or Walgreens. Also check for relevant health forms that may need to be completed for the countries prior to embarkation. Visitors can expect quarantine as a condition for entry for many countries, although in some countries this requirement has been eased.

As a general practice, travelers who have a valid reason for travel to any country for which they are barred from entry as a result of Covid 19, should apply for authorization to enter at least 72 hrs in advance, even if they are visa-exempted. Additionally, some countries are beginning to reimpose penalties for overstay, such as the case of the United Arab Emirates and Laos.

While the EU commission suggests reopening to an additional 15 non-EU countries, some EU members (such as, Austria, Cyprus, Italy, Luxembourg) have not opened to these suggested countries. Others, like Finland, are still slowly reopening to additional countries within Europe. While others have widely reopened to all visitors from anywhere (like Ireland and Latvia).  Thus, be sure to check your destination European country for specific entry requirements.

Going forward, LHA Travel will be updating this opening blog in lieu of the travel restrictions advisory, since it appears from our research that the height of travel restriction is behind us. Changes are occurring on an hourly basis, so we encourage you to check with your airline or travel agent for availability prior to making travel plans. 

AFGHANISTAN – Both domestic and international flights resumed.  Borders with Pakistan to reopen. 

ALBANIA –Beaches reopen to public on June 10th.  International flights and public transport resumed on June 15th. International flights resume to some countries in the EU and Turkey. Land borders reopened to trade.

ALGERIA – Curfew eased. Public transport reopened in some provinces. More businesses reopened. 

ANDORRA – Borders with France and Spain reopened.  Those who are able to visit France or Spain may also enter Andorra through its open border.

ANGOLA – Angola has lifted sanitary lockdown and state of emergency on May 25th, and replaced with state of calamity. Restaurants and hotels may reopen.  Sports activities to resume from June 27th.

ANGUILLA – Commercial flights expected to resume after July 14th. Those who arrive will be required to quarantine for 14 days.

ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA – Country is reopened for tourism. Those who arrive must present a Covid-free test and be subjected to an on-arrival test. 

ARGENTINA – Professional soccer competitions to resume behind closed doors starting on June 12th. More than 20,000 shops reopened in Buenos Aires. International flights to resume by September 1st, if not as soon as mid-August.

ARMENIA – Public transportation resumed.  

ARUBA – Airport reopened to international arrivals from Bonaire and Curacao. Tourism from Europe, Canada and other Caribbean nations (except the Dominican Republic and Haiti) recommenced from July 1st. Tourism from the US is open from July 10th. All travelers are tested for Covid upon entry.

AUSTRALIA – Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines will resume services for Australia for essential travel. Transit services resuming, allowing international passengers leaving within 8 hrs (except New Zealand and pacific islanders, who are allowed up to 72 hrs) from the same airport, without a need for a visa.  Domestic flights resumed. International flights (except with New Zealand) are expected to resume in October, 2020. International students may return to Australia. 

AUSTRIA – Borders Italy and 31 other European countries reopened. Those from the UK, Sweden, Portugal and certain parts of Germany must have a Covid-free test or self-isolate for 14 days. 

AZERBAIJAN – Domestic flights resumed. International passenger traffic is expected to resume no earlier than August 1, 2020.

BAHAMAS – Full reopening to international tourism from July 1st. Quarantine not required, however, arriving visitors must present a Covid-free test issued no more than 10 days prior to travel. Everyone must fill out travel form prior to travel: https://travel.gov.bs/international.

BAHRAIN – The airports have reopened to international airlines for transit services, and for repatriation of nationals. Those who need to enter will be tested for Covid 19 and be subjected to quarantine for 10 days, regardless of the outcome of the test.

BANGLADESH – International flights resumed from June 16th. Those who arrive must provide a Covid-free certificate issued within 72 hrs of travel or be quarantined for 14 days. 

BARBADOS – Parties may resume up to 250 people. International pre-approved flights are expected to resume from June 30th, with borders reopening July 12th. Those who arrive must produce a PCR Covid-free test at least 72-hours prior to arrival, or be administered a test on arrival and quarantine during the period it takes to get the results.  Visitors from the CARICOM and Caribbean countries are exempt from the pre-testing requirements. 

BELARUS – The country has maintained freedom of movement throughout the outbreak. International flights starting to resume with European destinations. Travelers from countries with active circulation of Covid must quarantine, but the US is not on the list of active circulation. 

BELGIUM – It reopened borders to European tourism by June 15th.  Approximately 90 percent of flights may resume from June 15th. Those arriving from Leicester will be required to quarantine for 14 days.

BELIZE – International airport to reopen to tourism from August 15th. Arriving passengers must provide a Covid-free test issued within 72 hrs of travel, and will be tested on arrival. Quarantine is required if the test turns up positive.

BENIN – Bars and places of worship reopened. Borders and airports open, but flights are limited. Those who arrive are subjected to Covid testing at their own cost, and quarantine for the time that it takes to find out the test results. 

BERMUDA – Bermuda will reopen to visitors arriving by air from July 1st. However, travelers must present a Covid-free certificate issued within 72 hrs of departure and have health insurance. All arrivals must complete a travel authorization form: https://www.gov.bm/coronavirus-travellers.

BHUTAN – While Bhutan has closed its international borders, it has not closed its internal business activities. There is an early business closing time of 7 pm although work from home and social distancing are encouraged. 

BOLIVIA – The government has relaxed stay at home orders for many less-affected provinces, and permitted businesses in the industrial, manufacturing, construction, mining and hotel sectors to resume operation.  Border and flights may resume after July 31st.

BONAIRE, ST EUSTATIUS, AND SABA – Bonaire’s Flamingo International Airport is opening on July 1st. Tourists from low-risk counties, or who were there in the past 14 days, are welcome to visit (Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands). Visitors over the age of 13 must have a Covid-free PCR test issued no more than 72 hours prior to travel. Tourists must also complete and sign a health declaration form found here: https://www.schiphol.nl/nl/berichten/coronavirus-update. 

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA – The international airport has reopened to commercial international flights. Borders reopened to Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia. Residents of other countries may enter for business (with an invitation from a local business) and a Covid-free test issued not more than 48 hours after arrival. 

BOTSWANA – Domestic flights resumed from July 17th. 

BRAZIL – Over 50% of malls reopened. Borders expected to be reopened to foreign visitors on July 29th.

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS – Curfew further reduced. Private vessels may visit during the day in its waters. Arriving passengers must quarantine for 14 days. Border to reopen for tourism after September 1. 

BRUNEI – Royal Brunei Airlines set to resume limited international routes. Nursery and primary school, cafes and senior centers reopened. Visitors who arrive are tested and must under go 14 days of self-isolation. International commercial flights are expected to be restored after August 31st

BULGARIA – Borders reopened to the EU, UK, San Marino, Andorra and North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro, and land borders reopened with Serbia and Greece set to reopen on June 1st. Quarantine requirement is expected to be lifted in the near future for most EU countries except the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, and Portugal. Other counties exempt from quarantine include Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro. Those who arrive from Sweden, UK, Portugal and other non-EU and non-Schengen countries must quarantine for 14 days. 

BURKINA FASO – The government lifted the lockdown of cities as well as the country-wide curfew. 

BURUNDI – The country has maintained freedom of movement throughout the outbreak, although some businesses are closed. Airport is open, and those who arrive are screened on arrival.

CAMBODIA – International airport open. Foreign visitors must pay a $3000 deposit for an on-arrival Covid test and quarantine fee. They must also have a Covid-free test issued within 72 hrs prior to arrival, and medical insurance coverage of at least $50,000. Border checkpoint with Thailand reopened.

CAMEROON – Bars, restaurants, and night clubs may operate with social distancing. Schools and airport reopened.  Arriving passengers must present a Covid-free PCR test issued no more than three days prior to travel. 

CANADA – Temporary foreign workers, international students, immediate family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents, and approved permanent residents previously unable to enter Canada may now do so. All of Canada’s states are reopening in different phases, depending on the severity of the outbreak in their state. Border with the US expected to reopen after July 21st. Those entering Canada must provide their basic contact information, and undergo screening. Those with symptoms must isolate for 14 days. 

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC – Places of worship have been permitted to reopen with restrictions. Airports may slowly resume operation. 

CAPE VERDE – Passenger air and maritime transportation resumed between the islands.  Cabo Verde Airlines is expected to resume its international commercial flights in August.

CAYMAN ISLANDS – Currently, fishing, snorkeling, and swimming are allowed. A range of customer facing businesses and public transportation options may also resume. Borders expected to reopen to international visitors from September 1st. All travelers by air or sea must complete the traveler’s authorization form: www.exploregov.ky/traveltime.  All those returning will need to isolate for 14 days at government facilities. 

CHAD – N’Djamena Airport to reopen from August 1st. Some land borders with Sudan, Libya and Niger reopened.  

CHILE – The government is issuing immunity cards to those who are Covid-free to return to work. Shopping malls may reopen with safety protocols. Less affected regions will be permitted to reopen with more lax standards. LATAM Airlines has resumed flights between Santiago and the United States. Those who enter must quarantine for 14 days. 

CHINA – All travelers are screened on arrival and are subjected to quarantine at their own expense, and may be required to install location tracking app. 

COLOMBIA – Domestic flights to resume in July. International flights expected to resume from September 1st. Passengers must download the CoronAPP for tracking: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.gov.ins.guardianes&hl=en.

COMOROS – Travelers who came from a country with a confirmed Covid 19 case may be required to spend 14 days in a country free of the virus prior to entry. 

COSTA RICA – International borders are expected to reopen after August 1st to visitors from countries that has achieved “controlled the spread of the coronavirus.” 

COTE D’IVOIRE – Domestic flight to resume from June 26th, and international flight from July 1st. Passengers can expect health checks upon arrival. 

CROATIA – Croatia will reopen its borders to countries in the EU and UK on June 15th. Quarantine is no longer required for visitors, except those who arrive from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia, and Serbia must self-isolate for 14 days.  From July 10th, third country nationals may enter for tourism, business, economic interests and education if they can provide a Covid negative PCR test taken no more than 48 hours prior to arrival, or self-isolate for 14 days after arrival.

CUBA – International in-bound and out-bound flights expected to resume on August 1st. Testing to be conducted on arrival.

CYPRUS – Hotels are set to reopen to tourists on June 1st. Airports reopened for normal business on June 9th.  Countries permitted to enter are divided into Categories A and B depending on level of risks. Category A countries will not need to quarantine or to be tested, whereas category B countries will need to be tested. All travelers will need to fill out a flight pass prior to travel: https://cyprusflightpass.gov.cy/.  

CZECH REPUBLIC – Travelers from low risk countries, including those in the EU/Schengen countries, may enter for any reason. From July 13th, Montenegro and Serbia is no longer on the low-risk list. Portugal, Romanian and Bulgarian employees must provide a PCR test to their Czech employers in order to work.

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO – Border with Rwanda opened to trade traffic, and with Zambia partially reopened for passenger – pedestrian traffic.

DENMARK – Nationals of Norway, Iceland, Germany may enter for tourism on June 15th. Europeans from countries with less than 20 infections per 100,000 inhabitants may enter rom June 27th. Tourists, business, work and student visitors from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and Thailand may also enter from July 1st

Short stay (tourist) visas processing expect to resume after August 31st.

DJIBOUTI – Some shops, places of worship, and public transport resumed operation.  International passenger flights to resume from July 17th. Arriving passengers shall be tested for Covid on arrival. 

DOMINICA – Dominica has no active Covid patients. Businesses such as spas, salons, and massage parlors have permission to reopen. International passenger flight service to resume from July 15th for returning citizens, with borders expected to reopen to tourism traffic from August 7th, 2020. Arriving passengers will be screened, and may be quarantined at home if they show symptoms.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – International airport, hotel and restaurant reopening to tourism is from July 1st. Passengers can expect health checks on arrival.

ECUADOR – Both domestic and international flights have resumed from June 1st.  The Galapagos will reopen from July 1st. Visitors must have a Covid-free PCR test issued within 7 days of arrival, or submit to local testing on arrival, and be subjected to a 14 day quarantine.

EGYPT – Commercial flights and airports to reopen to tourists from July 1st. Tourist visas will be waived for visitors to resorts at the Red Sea, Sharm El Sheikh and Matrouh until October, 2020.  

EL SALVADOR – The country is commencing on a five-phase reopening. Commercial flights are expected to resume from August 6th

ESTONIA – Citizens and residents of Schengen and EU countries, including the UK, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican, Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, Montenegro, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay may visit without having to self-isolate if they are symptom-free.

ETHIOPIA – International airport is reopened. Arriving passengers must complete a health declaration form and be subjected to a 14-day quarantine at their expense.

FIJI – The government has authorized inter-island flights and sea routes to resume. Schools set to reopen on June 12th. International flights may resume in September.

FINLAND – Borders reopened for workers from the Schengen area. Finland reopened its borders to Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Malta, Germany, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. Those who arrive for work-related reason may also enter from Algeria, Australia, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay from July 13th.

FRANCE – Border to reopen to EU countries and the UK from June 15th. Those arriving from Spain and the UK are asked to quarantine. Those from Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, and Uruguay will be permitted to enter for tourism from July 1st.

FRENCH POLYNESIA – All establishments serving the public (except dance clubs) have been reopened. Maritime traffic between the islands was also restored. Borders to reopen to tourism from on July 15th without quarantine. However, the traveler must have a Covid-19 free test issued no more than 72 hours prior to departure and register on https://www.etis.pf/.  

GABON – Domestic and international flight, boat and train services resumed from July 1st. All arrivals will be screened. Those who test positive must quarantine at home.

GAMBIA – Markets and places of worship has been allowed to reopen. All arrivals will be placed in quarantine for 14 days in government facilities.

GEORGIA – State of emergency ended on May 22nd. Domestic tourism is permitted to resume from June 15th. Open air cultural events may proceed from July 13th. Borders reopened to Germany, France and the Baltic States by direct flight.  Commercial international flights are expected to resume from August 1st.

GERMANY – Borders to be reopened to the EU/EEA and UK on June 15th.  Borders with countries outside the EU may reopen after August 31st

GHANA – Some academic institutions, places of worship, and social gatherings allowed upt o 100 people. 

GIBRALTAR – The “unlocking the rock” initiative aimed at reopening Gibraltar is in phase 4, which allows bars to reopen from June 22nd. Border with Spain reopened. While Gibraltar is reopened to all tourists, only those who can enter Spain can reach Gibraltar by land at the moment. 

GREECE – From July 1st, seaports and all airports in Greece will reopen to residents of EU/EEA/Schengen member countries, including the UK, with random testing on arrival. Other permitted countries include: Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, and Uruguay. Border with Serbia closed until July 15th

GRENADA – Travelers from low risk countries (Caribbean community) may visit from July 15th. Travelers from medium risk countries (EU, UK, Canada) may do so from August 1st. Everyone arriving must complete a health declaration from, be tested for Covid, and download a contact – tracing app, and be tested on arrival. Those from medium risk countries must a provide a PCR negative test issued no more than 7 days prior to arrival.

GUADELOUPE – Inter-island travel among St Barts, St Martin, Martinique and Guadeloupe resumed. International flights available. All travelers must provide a PCR test issued 72 hrs before departure. Those who arrive must self-isolate for 14 days, even if they have no symptoms, and be tested for Covid on arrival, and after 7 days of arrival. 

GUATEMALA – The government is gradually easing curfew and allowing shops, markets and supermarkets to reopen.  

GUINEA-BISSAU – Airport reopened. Those who arrive must have a Covid-free test issued no more than 72 hours of travel.

GUYANA – In Phase 1 of reopening, restaurants may reopen to take out, shops may reopen and citizens are allowed to venture out for exercises. Public transport and spaces reopened. Phase two is expected to begin on August 1st

HAITI – Visitors may arrive via private boats and planes from June 15th. Haiti is planning to allow international commercial flights from July 1st.  Common border with the Dominican Republic reopened from July 1st. Arriving passengers must complete a health declaration form and to retain it for 14 days to facilitate contract tracing.

HONG KONG – Airport transit service through Hong Kong to resume slowly from June 1st.  International visitors (non-mainland China, Macau, or Taiwan) may be permitted to enter after September 18th. Those arriving from China, Macau, or Taiwan will be subjected to a 14-day quarantine.

HUNGARY – Border with Spain reopened. Those coming from “green” and “yellow” designated countries may enter, with the yellows being subjected to quarantine while awaiting an on-arrival Covid test. The visitors form yellow countries may leave quarantine if test proofs negative. Yellow countries include Bulgaria, China, Japan, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, and the U.S.

ICELAND – Iceland reopened its external borders to all EU and UK visitors by June 15th.  From July 1st, it is also opening to the fourteen countries recommended by the EU, including China if an agreement is reached for reciprocal travel. Those who arrive can get a Covid-19 test (100 Euros) or quarantine for 14 days. Visitors must pre-register prior to arrival (https://visit.covid.is/). 

INDIA – Domestic commercial flights resumed on May 25th. International flights set to resume from July31st, but on a country by country basis, based on the reopening of other countries. 

INDONESIA – Passengers need to provide Covid-free health certificates issued within seven days to fly, and will be tested on arrival. Bali is set to reopen to international visitors on September 11th.

IRAN – In addition to mosques reopening in low-risk Covid areas, schools also reopened on May 16th. Border with Turkey reopened to trucking traffic. Border with Lebanon and Turkmenistan reopened. International airport open. Most nationalities can get a visa on arrival, but should apply in advance.

IRAQ – Iraq reopened two out of five borders with Iran for goods and passenger traffic. Shops and factories have resumed operation outside of curfew hours. International flights to Lebanon resume from July 2nd, and to additional international destination from July 23rd

IRELAND – International flights and airport are open to international visitors. All who arrive must self-isolate or quarantine for 14 days, with limited exceptions. 

ISRAEL – There is discussion to permit tourism from Greek and Cyproit residents from August 1st

ITALY – Italy reopened to EU, UK, Schengen, Andorra, and Monaco tourists on June 3rd.  There are no requirements for visitors from these locations to quarantine.

JAMAICA – The government plans to allow tourism to resume in “resilient corridors” from June 15th. High-risk tourists will be tested on arrival and will need to wait at a facility or hotel for their results. Travelers must also complete the travel authorization prior to arrival here: https://www.visitjamaica.com/travelauthorization/

JAPAN – Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea reopened from July 1st. The Ramen Museum is reopened on July 7th for domestic tourism. Japan is currently negotiation with Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam on the resumption of travel. 

JORDAN – Its public and private sector businesses have been permitted to reopen. Residents may freely use their vehicle outside of curfew hours. Domestic flights resumed. Commercial international flights expected to resume in the first part of August.

KAZAKHSTAN – Most businesses, including restaurants, hotels, and places of worship have reopened, albeit with limited capacity. International flights set to resume from June 20th with flights to China, Thailand, Japan, Georgia, South Korea, and Turkey.

KENYA – Movement restrictions and curfews in some areas lifted. Domestic commercial flights may resume from July 15th.  

KIRIBATI – The country has not had a reported case and is not under lockdown. The border remains open to those who meets health-destination entry criteria.  Travelers need to be in countries without Covid for at least 14 days prior to entry and to provide a Covid-free certificate on arrival.

KOSOVO – From June 8th, the requirement to quarantine lifted for all visitors. Anyone may enter Kosovo, however, some countries are denying visitors boarding based on the visitor’s lack of citizenship or residency in Kosovo. 

KUWAIT – Places of worship are permitted to be reopened. The country is planning a phased reopening of its commercial flights from August 1st. Returning citizens must quarantine at home.

LAOS – Domestic flights ban has been lifted as people are permitted to travel among the provinces. International visitors must have a valid business reason and get a visa prior entry, and visas are granted only to nationals of countries without an on-going outbreak of Covid. Border checkpoints with Thailand reopened. Those who enter are subjected to a Covid test and quarantine at their expense.

LATVIA – Borders reopened to all. Those arrive from countries with no more than 15 cases per 100,000 will not be required to self-isolate for 14 days.

LEBANON – The international airport is expected to reopen from July 1st at reduced capacity. Those arriving from countries where the PCR test is available must provide a PCR test result issued no more than 92 hrs prior to arrival. All arriving passengers are tested for Covid-19 on arrival. Quarantine is only required for those who test positive.

LESOTHO – Schools and government services have also reopened, along with public transportation within curfew hours. Border posts with South Africa reopened to mine workers. 

LIBERIA – Places of worship, including churches, have been permitted to reopen at 25% capacity. International commercial flights resumed June 28th. Travelers will be tested at the airport on arrival, if they were not tested at the point of departure. Those who test positive will need to take a PCR test and stay in a holding unit.

LIECHTENSTEIN – Border with Switzerland remains open. Border with Austria reopened on June 15th

LITHUANIA – Many border crossings reopened including borders with Latvia and Estonia. Anyone from the EU, EEA, Switzerland and the UK may enter provided that their countries’ infection rate does not exceed 25 per 100,000. No self-isolation is required. 

LUXEMBOURG – Schools, restaurants and cafes have reopened. Border with Germany also reopened May 15th, and the border is open with other European nations. 

MACAU – All visitors must provide Covid-negative test no more than 7 days prior to arrival. The country has instituted a  three color code system giving each individual a color that allows them to enter public facilities and venues. Border with Guangdong reopened, and visitors will no longer be required to quarantine for 14 days.

MADAGASCAR – International and regional flights may resume after July 31st.  

MALAWI – There is no lockdown since the court has overturned the President’s lockdown order. However, schools are getting ready to reopen at reduced hours. Border with Mozambique reopened to trade.

MALAYSIA – All public transport and domestic flights resumed. International fights are expected to resume in July, although foreign visitors may not be able to arrive until August 31st. Malaysia and Singapore are planning to reopen common borders from August 10th. Border with Thailand reopened. Anyone who enters will be tested for Covid 19 upon arrival. Those who test negative may quarantine at home.

MALDIVES – Borders reopened to international tourism from July 15th

MALI – Some schools and university reopened for exams. Airport opened to essential flights countries without confirmed Covid cases. Those who arrive must quarantine for 14 days.

MALTA – From July 11h, visitors from 50 EU and non EU countries may enter without restriction (testing/quarantine). Those with a valid reason for entry who are not from the list may request authorization by email: covid19.vetting@gov.mt

MARSHALL ISLANDS – With no recorded Covid case, the country has closed internal borders without a lockdown. Domestic air services exist on domestic airlines. International flights may resume after August 5th. Vessels and tankers must spend 14 days at sea may enter.

MARTINIQUE – Inter-island travel to Guadeloupe, St. Barts, and St. Martin resumed. International flights to France available. Passengers should provide a PCR test taken no more than 7 days prior to arrival or be quarantined for 14 days on arrival. With the PCR test, the passenger may quarantine for 7 days, and be tested again after 7 days. 

MAURITANIA – Curfews lifted, cities reopened to traffic and airport domestic flights resumed. 

MAURITIUS – All businesses permitted to operate with extended hours. All internal virus-related restrictions lifted. Borders to reopen to sea traffic and commercial international flights to resume August 31st.

MEXICO – Different states in Mexico have different degrees of reopening depending on loal conditions. All are reopening gradually. Cancun reopened to international tourism from June 8th. Border with the U.S. expected to reopen after August 21st.

MICRONESIA – International flights resumed with local island nations. 

MOLDOVA – Some land borders are reopened to international rail and auto traffic. Foreign visitors may be able to enter with a visa. Some airlines have scheduled commercial flights from July 1st. Currently those who arrive for non-essential (non-business) reasons will need to quarantine. 

MONACO – In phase 4, Monegasques can begin visiting gyms, cinemas, and performance halls, in addition to all other businesses previously opened in the first three phases.  Borders open to European travelers.

MONGOLIA – Some leisure activities, hotels, pools, and gyms have been reopened. Border and in-bound international travel may resume after July 31h.

MONTENEGRO – Travelers from the “green list” of countries may enter.  For a complete please, please visit: http://www.gov.me/en/homepage/measures_and_recommendations/.

MOROCCO – Domestic flights resumed from June 11th, and air and sea borders are reopening from July 14th.

MYANMAR – Businesses, restaurants, and teashops reopened in low-risk townships. Domestic airlines have been adding additional domestic routes, and international flights are set to resume after July 31st. Border checkpoints with Thailand reopened to trade. 

NAMIBIA – International borders expected to reopen from September 18th. Anyone who arrives before September 18th must submit to a Covid-19 test on entry and undergo a two-week quarantine at their own cost.  

NAURU – Apart from closing borders to visitors who have been in certain nations, the country has maintained freedom of movement. International flights available. All arriving passengers will be subjected to testing and quarantining.

NEW CALEDONIA – Domestic travel and schools resumed. All visitors, except those from Wallis and Futuna, must self-isolate for 14 days. 

NEPAL – International flights are slated to resume from July 21st. Visa services resumed for those in Nepal and for non-tourist visas.

NETHERLANDS – Borders to reopen to visitors from the EU/EFTA/Schengen Area on June 15th. Visitors from third countries recommended by the EU may also enter from July 1st.

NEW ZEALAND – All internal Covid-related restrictions lifted. There is a discussion of a “travel bubble” between Australia and a few other Oceania countries, which may be implemented in September.

NICARAGUA – The country has maintained freedom of movement throughout the outbreak. Airlines are lifting international flight suspension to and from Nicaragua in August.

NIGER – The city of Niamey’s health confinement has been lifted. Places of worship, restaurants, markets, and public and private services may resume with number limits and health protocols. All public schools are scheduled to reopen on June 1st.

NIGERIA – Domestic airports to resume operation from July 8th, with all airports expected to reopen by July 15th for domestic travel. 

NORTH KOREA – Schools reopened and trade to resume with China.

NORTH MACEDONIA –Border crossings reopened from June 26th. International airports reopened from July 1st. Those arriving from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Serbia are required to provide a negative PCR Covid test issued no more than 72 hours prior to arrival.

NORWAY – Visitors from Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Greenland and Faroe Islands may enter from June 15th. From July 15th, travel will be permitted to and from additional European countries with low Covid risk.  Coastal cruises up to 250 passengers are allowed to visit the Svalbard. 

OMAN – Oman resumed visa issuance from July 1st.  International commercial flight service is expected to resume after July 30th. Omanis are allowed to travel abroad so long as they quarantine upon return. Land border with the United Arab Emirates reportedly reopen. 

PANAMA – Private and public sector employees may return to onsite work. International commercial flights may be resuming from July 22nd.

PAKISTAN – International air travel and sea ports may resume operation with strict health screening measures. Passengers will be tested on arrival and self-quarantine for 14 days at home. Borders with Afghanistan to reopen.

PALAU – Apart from closing external borders, Palau has maintained freedom of movement internally. The international airport is open but flights limited to retuning nationals. Arriving passengers must complete a health declaration form and undergo a 14-day quarantine.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – State of emergency ended and public movement permitted.  Domestic flights resume. International travelers must request permission for entry through covid19-admin.logistics@police.gov.pg, provide a Covid-free PCR test close to the date of travel, and be quarantined for 14 days on arrival. 

PARAGUAY – In phase three of reopening, restaurants, gyms reopened by appointment. Residents are also permitted to venture outdoors for exercises and gather (<20) for weddings and baptism. 

PERU – Domestic quarantine measures largely lifted from July 1st. Domestic flights resumed from July 15th

PHILIPPINES – International flights resumed to returning citizens and overseas Filipinos. Local carriers may resume commercial flights on June 1st

POLAND – Borders reopened to EU nationals from June 13th, and the requirement to quarantine has been lifted. International flights may resume from June 16th

PORTUGAL – Borders open to EU/EEA and Schengen area nationals, coming from Europe, the U.S., Canada, South Africa, and Venezuela, as well as from Portuguese language countries. Border with Spain reopened from July 1st.

QATAR – From June 15th, Qatar began its phased lockdown easing with the reopening of mosques. Public transport to resume from September 1st. International airport remains open to transit flights.

ROMANIA – Borders reopened to EU/EEA and Schengen countries. However, only those from the following countries will not need to quarantine on arrival: Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Island, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary. 

RUSSIA – Restrictions on traveling abroad for work, study and medical treatment lifted. International flights to resume with 13 countries whose Covid infection rate is below 40 per 100,000 in population, starting from mid-July. These include Sri Lanka, Mongolia, China, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, and Finland.

RWANDA – Commercial flights set to resume from August 1st.  Tourists may enter before this date via private flights. Border with the Democratic Republic of Congo reopened. There is a requirement for tourists to provide a Covid-free test issued within 72 hrs prior to arrival, and take the test again upon arrival, and remain at designated hotels until the results return. 

SAMOA – Samoa has lifted restrictions on inter-island ferries and buses with limited capacity. Restaurants are open for delivery. Beaches, bars, restaurants, schools, churches and rivers have also reopened. 

SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE – Flight to Portuguese language countries to resume sometime between July 1st and 15th.  All commercial and international flights expected to resume from July 16th. Passengers may be required to provide a Covid-free PCR test taken within 3 days from boarding.

SAUDI ARABIA – Nation-wide curfew lifted. Domestic flights resumed from May 31st.  Those who arrive are placed in 14-day self-isolation. 

SENEGAL – Inter-regional travel ban lifted. Businesses and places of worship may resume operation.  International commercial air travel resume from July 15th

SERBIA – Currently its borders are open to visitors. 

SEYCHELLES – International commercial flight to resume from August 1st for low-risk and medium risk countries. Passengers from medium risk countries must have a Covid-free PCR test (or rapid test for low-risk countries) issued no more than 72-hrs prior to arrival, have reservations with lodgings, and have travel insurance for the duration of their stay. 

SIERRA LEONE – Churches and mosques reopened from July 13th. International flights may resume from July 22nd

SINGAPORE – Currently in Phase 2 of its reopening, most businesses are open. Foreign visitors needing to enter Singapore should submit a request through: https://safetravel.ica.gov.sg/. International flight transit service resume. Air border reopened to six provinces in China. Border with Malaysia to reopen from August 10th.

SLOVAKIA – It is allowing visitors from Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Liechtenstein, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Latvia, Denmark, Norway and Iceland. Citizens of the EU may transit without prior approval. Visitors from other areas must present a Covid-free test or quarantine.

SLOVENIA – Borders reopened. Those from countries with high levels of infection must quarantine.

SOLOMON ISLANDS – Apart from closing external borders, the country has maintained freedom of movement throughout the outbreak with some curfews. International commercial flights expected to resume after August 31, 2020.

SOMALIA – Domestic flights resumed.  Border with Kenya at Lamu reopens. 

SOUTH AFRICA – Restaurants and salons reopened. Approximately 95% of schools reopened. Domestic flights resumed for business travel. 

SOUTH KOREA – The international airports remain open. Those who arrive must quarantine for 14 days at their expense.

SOUTH SUDAN – International and domestic flights resumed. Passengers must present a Covid-free test issued no more than 3 days prior to the date of entry.

SPAIN – Spanish islands Ibiza, Majorca, and Menorca are reopened to tourism from June 15th.  Borders with EU/EEA/Schengen countries reopened. Borders also reopened to the countries on the EU commission’s recommended low-risk third country list. 

SRI LANKA – The country is reopening to tourism on August 1st. Visitors must have Covid-free test issued no more than 72 hrs prior to arrival. Travelers must also have health insurance and stay a minimum of five nights. All visas must be obtained online.  

ST KITTS AND NEVIS – Businesses have been permitted to reopen, including beaches and churches, outside of curfew hours. The government is working to protocol to reopen borders to international tourism. Non-national travelers will be subjected to advance screening and quarantine at a government site for 14 days.

ST LUCIA – Approximately 1500 hotel rooms are prepared to reopen in early June 4th. LIAT airline is resuming commercial flights from July 15th. Visitors must present a PCR Covid-free test taken within 7 days of their travel, and complete this form prior to their travel: https://www.stlucia.org/en/covid-19/#forms.  Those from countries or territories with zefo or low Covid transmissions, or who have spent the past 14 days in those locations, are exempt from the Covid test requirement. 

ST MARTIN – International flights available. Those who arrive must provide a PCR test issued no more than 72 hrs prior to departure. Those who are Covid-free must self-isolate for 7 days on arrival, even if they have no symptoms, and take another PCR test after 7 days of arrival.

ST PIERRE AND MIQUELON – International flights available. Those who arrive must self-isolate for 14 days, even if they have no symptoms, and be tested for Covid on arrival, and after 7 days of arrival. 

ST VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES – International passenger flights are expected to resume from June 4th. Passengers arriving in July will be tested for Covid-19 on arrival. Those arriving will be subjected to a 14 day quarantine. Those who opt for PCR testing may leave quarantine if the test returns negative.  Those arriving on private yacht may quarantine on-vessel. 

SUDAN – Limited international flights resumed from July 13th. Travelers must complete medical form on arrival. Quarantine is required only to suspected cases.  

SWEDEN – The country has maintained freedom of movement throughout the outbreak. Borders are open to EU/EEA/Schengen visitors. 

SWITZERLAND – Borders reopened to EU/Schengen states as well as Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and the United Kingdom as well as other low-risk countries (Algeria, Australia, Canada, China, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay). There is no quarantine requirement for these visitors. Those from high-risk countries may request entry for urgent reasons by sending an email to corona@sem.admin.ch, and follow the directives. Those from high risk countries will be required to quarantine for 10 days.

SYRIA – Night time curfew lifted on May 26th. Restaurants, mosques and cafes reopened. 

TAIWAN – International flights are targeted for a reopening date of July 1st. Foreign nationals (except residents and certain class of travelers) must present a Covid-free test taken within three days of travel and undergo quarantine.  Foreigners may resume applying for entry to Taiwan from June 29th (for reasons other than tourism).

TAJIKISTAN – Domestic flight resumed based on demand. Direct flights with Iran resumed. Flights with Uzbekistan and UAE resumed from July 1st. Those who arrive must quarantine for 14 days in a government facility. 

TANZANIA – Restrictions on in-bound and out-bound travel have been lifted, along with the 14-day quarantine. There will be Covid-19 screening on arrival.

THAILAND – International commercial flights may not resume until after July 31st, although certain international class of business visitors may enter.  Those seeking entry must request a “certificate of entry” from a diplomatic mission abroad, even if they are “visa exempt.” Arrivals can expect to undergo quarantine.

TOGO – Tertiary education resumed July 15th. Togo is set to restart flights and reopen its borders with its Covid outbreak stabilizing.

TONGA – Airports and seaports open, although cruise and yachts remain prohibited. Travelers from restricted countries must have spent 14 days in a non-travel restricted country, and have a medical clearance issued no more than three days prior to travel to Tonga. 

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO – Bars and dine in services resumed. Domestic flights between Trinidad and Tobago resumed. Public transportation may resume with health protocol. 

TUNISIA – Land, air and sea borders are set to reopen from June 27th.  All arrivals must quarantine at a government facility for 7 days, followed by an additional 7 days at home or a hotel under government monitoring. 

TURKEY – International borders reopened (except for land border with Iran). You must have a HES code to travel by plane, train, or ferry (https://hayatevesigar.saglik.gov.tr/hes.html). 

TURKMENISTAN – Land border reopened to commercial traffic with Iran. International flights are not expected to resume until after July 20th. Travelers to Turkmenistan must provide a negative Covid test taken within 24 hours prior to travel. 

TURKS AND CAICOS – Border expected to reopen to tourism from July 22nd. A Covid-free PCR test issued no more than five days prior to the flight is required for travel.

TUVALU – The country has maintained freedom of movement throughout the outbreak. Tuvalu remains open to travelers without a recent history being in a high-risk Covid country.  Those from high risk countries must have a Covid-free certificate issued no more than three days prior and stay in a non-high risk country at least five days before entering Tuvalu. Additional health screening to be conducted on arrival.

UKRAINE – International passenger flights resume from June 15th.  Arriving passengers must have medical insurance that covers Covid-19 treatment, and may also be asked to quarantine depending on the level of risk of the originating country. Many land borders also reopened.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Dubai is open to visitors from July 7th.  Arriving passengers should have medical travel insurance, and present a Covid-free test issued no more than 96 hours prior to arrival. If they do not have the test, they will be given one on arrival, and must quarantine until they get the results. Land border with Oman reportedly reopened. 

UNITED KINGDOM – All non-essential businesses resumed from July 4th. Borders remain open, however those arriving from countries other than Ireland must quarantine for 14 days starting from June 8th. All travelers/crew must complete the Public Health Locator form prior to arrival here: https://www.gov.uk/provide-journey-contact-details-before-travel-uk. Starting from July 10th, countries in this list will not need to quarantine when entering the UK: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-travel-corridors#travel-corridors-countries-and-territories-exemption-list.

UNITED STATES – All fifty states are in different stages of reopening. International airports remain open to all except visitors who have been to Iran, China, EU, the UK, Ireland, and Brazil in the previous 14 days, and certain classes of immigrant visa holders.  Land borders with Mexico and Canada set to reopen from August 21st. The U.S. is temporarily suspending the entry of immigrants and non-immigrants in work categories until December 31, 2020: Immigrant (residency), H-1B, H-2B, L, J. The suspension only applies to those currently outside the U.S., do not already have these visas and travel document on the effective date of the temporary suspension order. For detailed information, please visit: https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/proclamation-suspending-entry-aliens-present-risk-u-s-labor-market-following-coronavirus-outbreak/

UNITED STATES VIRGIN ISLANDS – Borders reopened to tourism from June 1st. Tourists will not need to self-quarantine, but there will be temperature checks on arrival. 

URUGUAY – Offices and shops have reopened. Students may return to school by June 29th. There is discussion of resuming international flights to specific destinations (i.e. Austria, Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand and UK) in July.  Residents of Uruguay will be permitted to visit certain EU countries from July 1st

UZBEKISTAN – International flights expected to resume after June 15th. Country destinations are divided into Green, Yellow, and Red.  Green countries include China, Israel, Japan and South Korea. Travelers who have stayed in these countries for 14 days prior to arriving in Uzbekistan will not be required to quarantine. Yellow countries are the EU, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand; travelers from these countries must self-quarantine on arrival. Those coming from Red countries must quarantine at government facilities for 14 days.

VANUATU – Domestic passenger flights resumed. International border is expected to be reopened from September 1st to Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia.  

VENEZUELA – Businesses in certain sectors reopened, including banking, medical and dental offices, textile and foot ware, personal care, and construction. Reports of commercial flight resuming from August 12th

VIETNAM – Tourists from 80 countries are eligible for e-visas starting from July 1st. Flights with Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Cambodia, Laos, and Guangzhou, China may resume prior to other destinations. You may complete your health declaration form online, prior to entry here: https://tokhaiyte.vn/. Those who arrive will be subjected to quarantine for 14 days.

ZAMBIA – Victoria Falls reopened to tourism. Some airlines are resuming scheduled flights from June 15th as air border reopened. 

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