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Travelers may not be aware that if they have a visa for certain countries, they are additionally exempt from getting visas for others. The most common tie-in exemptions arise for travelers who have unexpired visas for the United States (USA), Canada, Schengen area, and the United Kingdom (UK). For additional information on the Schengen visa, please see our article on Open Borders here.

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A reason for the tie-in exemption for the countries listed above may be the thorough inspection of the visa applicant by these countries prior to visa issuance.  Their visa issuance process requires an application, in-person processing with fingerprinting (for criminal history), and an interview.  Schengen visa applicants also need to show proof of travel medical insurance. While some exceptions exist with regards to fingerprinting and interviewing, such as young/old age, and repeated applications, the vast majority of travelers are subjected to this rigorous inspection process prior to receiving their visas. As a general rule, a Schengen visa issued by any of the following countries enables the visitor to access any other member country (Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Lichtenstein).

Below is a non-exhaustive list of countries that allow travelers – who otherwise would need a visa – to enter visa-free with a visa from one of the following countries: USA, Canada, Schengen, and UK.  

Albania allows travelers who have a valid, multiple-entry Shengen, UK, or USA visa or Green Card, and have used the visa to enter that country to enter Albania visa-free.

Andorra allows those with a Schengen visa to enter visa free.

Argentina provides travelers in possession of a USA or Schengen Visa an exemption from Argentina’s normal visa process.  However, the traveler will need to fill out an Electronic Travel Authorization (AVE) online form.  Additional information on this form may be found in our article on Electronic Travel Authorization, which may be found here.

Antigua and Barbuda exempt any traveler with a USA visa or permanent residency; a Canadian visa or permanent resident card, or a UK visa or residence permit, or a Schengen visa, from having to get a visa in advance. They may get a visa upon arrival at the port of entry.

Aruba grants travelers entry visa-free if they have a valid multiple-entry visa for the USA and/or Canada, or a multi-entry short stay visa for the Schengen Area.

Bahamas gives nationals of India the option to enter visa-free if they have a valid Canada, UK, USA, or Schengen visa or permanent residence card.

Belarus allows entry visa-free up to 30 days for those with valid multi entry visas to EU or Schengen countries, from China, Gambia, Haiti, India, Latvia, Lebanon, Namibia, Samoa, and Vietnam.

Belize exempts travelers from a Belizien visa if they have a valid multiple entry United States (USA) Visa or permanent residence card for the USA.

Bermuda’s visa-free entry is granted to all travelers in possession of a multi-entry visa for the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada, with at least 45 days of validity left on the visa and passport.

Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba If you hold valid residence permit for the US/UK/Canada/Sint Maarten, or a Schengen country, or multi-entry short stay visa for the Schengen Area, UK or Ireland, you are exempt from the visa requirement for the Caribbean part of the Kingdom.

Bosnia and Herzegovina allows travelers a stay up to 30 days visa-free if they have a multiple entry or residence permit for an EU or Schengen country, or the USA.

British Virgin Islands exempts travelers who have a valid UK, USA or Canada visa, and allows them to remain for up to six months without a visa.

Bulgaria permits holders of a valid Schengen visa to enter and remain in Bulgaria up to 90 days.

Cayman Islands waives visa requirements if the traveler is a resident of USA, UK, or Canada.

Chile permits Chinese nationals with a valid USA visa to enter visa-free.

Costa Rica waives visa requirements for those with legal residence or a multiple-entry visa to the USA, Canada, South Korea, Japan, countries in the European Union and/or Schengen area.

Croatia exempts from an entry-visa all third-country nationals who are holders of a valid Schengen visa, as well as national visas and residence permits of Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Romania.

Cyprus allows holders of valid double or multiple entry Schengen visa, as well as residence permits issued by Schengen member states, to enter visa-free up to 90 days. This provision doesn’t apply to citizens of Turkey and Azerbaijan, who have to follow the regular visa issuance procedure

Dominican Republic states that any person legally able to travel or reside in the USA, Canada and European Union may purchase a Tourist Card online or directly at the airport upon arriving at the Dominican Republic.

Gibraltar allows nationals of China, India, Mongolia, Morocco, and Russia to enter visa free if they also have a multiple entry Schengen visas with a minimum remaining validity of 7 days from the date of departure.

Guyana allows holders of a United States permanent resident or a valid USA, Canada, Schengen Visa, to enter Guyana for a period up to 90 days visa-free.  Additionally, those who require a visa to enter Guyana, who are unable to apply at a consulate, may get a visa upon arrival, provided they bring the items listed in the visa requirements.

Haiti states that you will not require a visa to enter Haiti if you have valid six-month passport, a valid U.S., Canadian, or Schengen visa.

Ireland allows you to enter visa-free if you have a valid UK short stay visa, which you have used to enter the UK, and are from Bahrain, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, India, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Montenegro, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

Jamaica exempts travelers from a visa to enter Jamaica if they have a valid USA, UK, Canada, or Schengen visa.

Mexico exempts foreign visitors from a Mexican visa as long as they have a valid visa issued by any the following countries: Canada, Japan, the USA, the UK or any of the countries comprising the Schengen Area, or has an ABTC Card issued by APEC.

Montenegro exempts holders of travel documents containing a valid Schengen visa, a valid visa of the USA, UK and Ireland, for a period up to 30 days.

North Macedonia allows travelers to enter the Republic of Macedonia visa free if they are a permanent resident of the EU or Schengen member states, or are in a possession of a valid Schengen visa.

Panama exempts travelers from the visa requirement who has a valid passport with at least three months validity, and a multiple entry visa with at least one-year validity, from one of the following countries: USA, Australia, Canada, or United Kingdom.  Additionally, the traveler must have used the visa at least one time to enter these countries.

Republic of Serbia allows foreign nationals who have a valid Schengen visa, UK visa or other European Union member-states visa to enter the Republic of Serbia without a visa and stay up to 90 days within six-month period.

Romania permits bearers of a valid stay permit in an EU country or a Schengen visa, to stay up to 90 days.

Sao tome and principle exempts travelers from a visa if they have a valid multiple-entry short-stay visa or residence permit for a Schengen country, a multiple-entry visa or a residence permit for the USA or Canada.

Turks and Caicos exempts lawful residents of the United Kingdom, United States of America or Canada, or those who are holders of a valid visa permitting their travel to any of these three countries, from a Turks and Caicos Islands visa.

UAE grants nationals of India the privilege of getting visa upon arrival for 14 days, if they hold a valid residence permit or visa to the USA.

For destination specific inquiries and visa tie-ins based on your nationality, check out the Visa Adviser® webapp and mobile app for updated information.

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