Which countries allow online visa processing?

Author: Visa-Adviser

By online visa processing, we are not simply talking about online visa application forms. Many countries allow you to begin the visa process online. For instance, visas to the United States require the traveler to start the process by completing an online form (DS-160 or DS-260). However, the traveler must also make an appointment online to appear in person and give his or her fingerprints as well as be interviewed before a visa determination can be made.After the appointment, the traveler is required to relinquish their passport, which is returned to them with a visa sticker at a later date.

On the other hand, truly online visa issuance allows the traveler to upload their photos, data, and payment online. A decision is made immediately or the applicant receives an email approval to show that their application has been approved. The online printout (from the site or email) allows the traveler to enter their destination country without having to have a sticker visa affixed to their passport.

Countries that have taken both the visa application and issuance process for short visits online are listed below along with the links to their application forms.

Whether or not a traveler can apply for a visa online usually depends on the traveler’s nationality. In the interest of brevity, we have not included the nationalities that qualify for the online process for each country. In addition, visa regulations can change over time.

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