Three Global Visa Issuance Trends

Author: Visa-Adviser Visa Adviser® cultivates and regularly updates visa filing procedures and information for every country in the world. In doing so, we notice certain trends among countries about visa issuance and reciprocity all over the world. These are our observations. Short-term visa issuance is going online. More countries are outsourcing visa processing to third parties. […]

Getting a visa online

Which countries allow online visa processing? Author: Visa-Adviser By online visa processing, we are not simply talking about online visa application forms. Many countries allow you to begin the visa process online. For instance, visas to the United States require the traveler to start the process by completing an online form (DS-160 or DS-260). However, […]

Visas on arrival

Which countries allow you to get a visa at the border? Author: Visa-Adviser LHA Travel updates the visa issuance procedures regularly for its Visa Adviser® web app and Android app. We have compiled a list of countries currently allowing visa upon arrival (on the border). The benefit of knowing which countries allow this option give […]

Safe Travel: Responding to Civil Unrest

Author: Visa Adviser What to do when you find yourself in civil unrest while traveling. Recent mass protest in Hong Kong, the Yellow Vest protest in France, and the climate change protest in London that shut down major streets, show that even well-visited countries may sometimes experience civil unrest. In one case, William Nguyen, a […]

Transit Without Visa at the Top Ten International Airports

Author: Visa-Adviser According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, in 2018, over one billion people visited another country.  Many of these flights included layovers in another country on their way to their final destination, with significant implications for visa requirements for visitors in airside transit.  Airside transit means visitors with a connecting flight in […]

Navigating Customs

Author: Visa-Adviser Tips for passing through customs in any country Passing through customs normally involves long queues, particularly during peak hours and at major international hubs.  The queues are normally coupled with automatic kiosks and/or agents. For many travelers, this may be the least enjoyable part of their journey.  First, kiosks promise to speed things […]

APEC Card – What is it and how to apply for it?

Author: Visa-Adviser APEC stands for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), it is an intergovernmental organization founded in 1989 to foster greater prosperity of its member-states through trade, economic cooperation, and policies.  Its current members include Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, the […]

Rental Cars in Europe

Author: Visa-Adviser Tips for car rentals in Europe Cars have traditionally been seen as a symbol of freedom, independence, and control for many people. So what better way to be able to have this freedom on your travels? Seasoned travelers for whom the one-stop-tourist-shop no longer satisfies their curiosity may find a road trip through […]