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June 2020

  • Which countries are opening or are taking steps to reopen post-coronavirus? - Updated: June 1st, 2020 Most countries are beginning to emerge from coronavirus-related lockdowns. Most countries’ state of emergencies, if not already lifted, are set to end in June; the European Union has recommended that its members open their external borders on June 15th. While all countries are primarily focused on domestic affairs such as, getting […]

May 2020

  • A Guide to Coronavirus-Related Travel Restriction for Every Country in the World - Last Updated: 31 May 2020 Nearly every country in the world at this stage has closed their border to non-essential visitors.  With most flights cancelled and citizens staying home, most countries have focused their attention on internal affairs. Having compiled the travel restrictions for every country in the world, these are the top three trends […]
  • Post-Pandemic International Travel Survey - About a week ago, LHA Travel sought to understand how international travelers are coming to terms with the coronavirus outbreak by sending out a survey to a focus group of approximately 50 international travelers. Due to the small sample size, the focus group was not intended to represent the entire global travel population. However, we […]
  • Which countries are opening or are taking steps to reopen post-coronavirus? - According to Statistica.com, approximately a third of the world’s population is in lockdown — barred from leaving their houses or area as a result of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. But, China’s Hubei province, where COVID-19 originated, lifted their lockdown on April 8th — after it was confirmed that the peak of the virus spread in […]

April 2020

  • What countries require a face mask? - UPDATED: 25 May 2020 Face masks have become the new normal for many countries. Even as countries are gradually easing their coronavirus, stay-at-home restrictions, many are only allowing people back into public spaces if they wear face masks to protect themselves and others from spreading/contracting the respiratory conditions. LHA Travel has compiled a list of […]
  • U.S. Immigration Travel Ban Affecting Immigrant Visa Applicants - In light of border closures, countries all over have ceased visa issuance and, in a few cases, have cancelled visas that have not expired.  China, for example, has cancelled all visas issued prior to March 28th. Most countries have also limited their consulate services to emergency and urgent cases for their citizens. Some closed their […]
  • USA Travel Ban: Information - What is it? It is an Executive Order from President Donald Trump limiting certain immigration privileges for nationals from Burma, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania. Why was it introduced? The Order provides detailed country-specific reasons for the ban. The relevant excerpts for each nation affected are provided below. Burma did not comply with the […]

February 2020

  • Traveler’s Checklist - Author: Visa-Adviser With the rise of regional tensions leading to the recently downed commercial jet by military actors, the outbreak of measles and the new strain of coronavirus in China, and civil unrest from Hong Kong to Chile, global travel can feel risky.  While a travelers may have very little to do with shaping these […]
  • What is the International Driving Permit and how do you get it? - Author: Visa Adviser If you might want to drive a car while you are abroad, you should check the driver’s license requirements of the country you are visiting in advance and determine whether you will need an international driver’s permit. An international driver’s permit is a booklet that contains translated/transliterated versions of your home country’s […]
  • Passport requirements for every country in the world - Author: Visa Adviser Here at Visa Adviser® we compile not only visa information, but also the passport requirements for every country in the world.  A passport is generally required for border crossings, with limited exceptions. For instance, citizens of European Union member nations may cross each other’s borders with a national identification card. United States […]

January 2020

  • Tips for preparing for your work visa - Author:Visa Adviser Having a job offer in a foreign country can be exciting and daunting.  If you have a family, and/or children, the concerns about relocation, changing your way of life, creating new routines, and finding a new home can be overwhelming.  But, if you have received and accepted an overseas job offer, your immediate […]
  • Travel Health Updates for January 2020 - Author: Visa Adviser Global measles outbreak still in effect. The Measles is caused by an airborne virus, spread through breathing, coughing, sneezing . Its symptoms include rash, high fever, cough, running nose, watery eyes. Untreated and severe cases of measles infection can lead to pneumonia and death.  Measles cases have increased to higher than normal […]

December 2019

  • New regulations might affect your European travel in 2021! - Author: Visa-Adviser Planning a European vacation in 2021? Do you regularly travel to Europe for work or leisure? If so, watch out for the new ETIAS roll-out and stay tuned to see if you will need to take extra steps before heading to the airport. ETIAS stands for European Union Travel Information and Authorization System. […]

November 2019

  • Three things required for your Antarctic expedition - Author: Visa-Adviser Antarctica is the last uninhabited continent on our blue planet. But, should you want to plan a visit, there are a few different ways that you can go! You can join a National Geographic cruise ship, other branded cruising vessels, private tours on smaller private yachts or sailboats, or fly in with a […]
  • Visa-Exemption Based on Other Visas (Canada, Schengen, United Kingdom, USA) - Author: Visa-Adviser Travelers may not be aware that if they have a visa for certain countries, they are additionally exempt from getting visas for others. The most common tie-in exemptions arise for travelers who have unexpired visas for the United States (USA), Canada, Schengen area, and the United Kingdom (UK). For additional information on the Schengen […]